Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Herb's dogs

This is the tabletop in H's "study" in the front of the condo...just missed a photo of a Dad with child in stroller on the front sidewalk waving at us ...! then we realized they were waving at the bears (there's a 2nd one on the 2nd floor balcony).  I love that!    The TV is under the table and H's Erg is in front so he is looks right at those dogs when he uses it.   Not sure who arranged them like that.  Yes, our last dog was an Irish setter. 

My accomplishment for the day was to finish and order my Blurb book for Blip year 10.  I thought I had it all set to go, but of course not...there were things to fix, edit and words to spell right....but there's a 40% sale today thru the 25th, so all good timing.  
Did not even stick a toe out of the house.....yet....can't remember when that happened.... did zoom Tai Chi this morning.

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