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I spent some of the morning sorting out my new Mensa email address; the emails were not coming down immediately on to my Samsung phone. There was a box, which was “off” rather than “on”. I then spent a few more happy hours sorting out people’s email addresses. They are in my iPhone, but this email is an Outlook one on my second phone so it does not pick them up. I do not like Outlook as an email provider, but I had to use it for the Open University when I worked for them.
Today’s picture is of some Garden Star-of-Bethlehem flowers. They are also known as Eleven-o’clock Lady, Nap-at-Noon, Grass Lily and Sleepydick. How do I know all this?
Recently, when I could not identify a flower, one of my step-daughters pointed me in the direction of an app, which identifies flowers and plants. The identification also tells me that as well as the lovely flowers it is a weed and toxic.
I have also included an extra, which is of the one flower on my Rhapsody-in-Blue rose bush. I commented on someone’s blip the other day that I did not think mine were blooming; clearly this was has and is almost past its best.
Many thanks to everyone for the comments, stars and hearts for Dougal and Florence for my ninth blip anniversary yesterday; they are much appreciated.

The temperature today was once again twenty-five degrees Celsius at GMT noon.

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