By Terrifo

Papaver - Poppy

This poppy, is alone in the border, a self seeded one. But I decided to let it grow, and flower as it made the effort. 

Got woken up at 2 am this morning with a very loud thunder clap overhead, got up to watch for the lightening,  bu the next rumble was 12-15 miles away. And there was no rain to speak of :-(

Did a basic set up this morning for some splashing water shots for our next Camera Club monthly Lockdown competition. Can't remember doing it before, managed  a few images, but work in progress, and think a couple of images have to be in at the weekend.

As there is some rain forecast for tonight have put the wooden chairs and table back in the Summer house. Have Gin & Chat with the Girls tonight, dinner then outside at 8 pm to clap ( well a pan and wooden spoon) for our wonderful care workers.

Thank you for dropping by and for your comments and rewards.  Take care and stay safe :-) x

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