Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Six cygnets - and a dramatic moment

I went back to Blackford Pond and managed to see the new swan family on the water, six cygnets and their proud parents. (well, they looked proud to me). I went fairly late afternoon to try to avoid the worst of the crowds, although there were still a fair number of people around, including groups of teenagers who I'm quite sure weren't all from the same household. I'm trying not to get too worked up about that kind of thing as the solution is not to go out, and I want to go out more than I want to do strict social distancing. Well, a bit more, anyway.

There was a moment of drama when the heron flew over the swan family. The cygnets immediately sought refuge between their parents and the male swan reached up and hissed and snorted at it - see extra photo, although I didn't get the heron in the shot. 

I checked up on the two nests I saw on 18th May and the coot was sitting tight, although the little grebe got off the nest while I was watching, so I hope s/he went back on soon afterwards. I saw the two mallard ducklings who have grown a lot - they're now about half the size of their mother at least. A male mallard was around too, maybe their father? In my experience the male mallard usually makes himself scarce as soon as he's mated with the female - so he's clearly a new drake.

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