Quirky Turkey

By Mobius

Shoot Up Joy

Overjoyed to hear today that I can have my life changing Botox injections next Thursday. I've been suffering from a neurological ) mental health related cramping condition in my neck, shoulders and jaw since last September and virtually bedridden for the first 4 months.

I've stopped using the Calpol syringe (pictured in a mini log) for oral morphine since my Intial set of injections in February, which made a massive difference. I'm hoping that this next set will enable me to reduce, then stop my drugs, enabling my brain to sharpen up as well as remove or reduce the remaining pain.

Covid-19 had pushed my appointment back from May, to the end of July, and possibly further. A number of calls with the consultants secretary got me this appointment.

Notts / Easy Midlands eems to have only one injection specialist either NHS or private..not good.

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