By suehutton

Rainbow Reflection

Still influenced by yesterday's abstract photography course, I was inspired to capture this reflection on the bedroom wall created by the sun shining through one of the crystals in the window. If I had increased the exposure, the rainbow would not have shown at its best.

Managed to finish the marking for the camera club online competition. Haven't heard back. Don't know if they liked the remarks.

So finally just before 4 pm Basil and I managed to go out for our walk. I chose Jubilee Wood in Loughborough where the trees grow really straight and tall. But the birds don't sing like they do in Shepshed. Basil was able to potter about off his lead. We walked as far as the Outwoods path before I had to return in order to meet up with Gareth online. More abstract photography there concentrating on chiaroscuro.

Straight after Gareth, into an RPS Zoom meeting being addressed by David Noton, noted landscape and travel photographer. 

I got some of the dinner on before it was time to go clap for key workers. Everybody at our end of the close is getting so friendly. I have taken photos of them which I shall print over the  next two days.

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