By Shutterup

and relax...

today was the day.. we had been warned.. the concrete lorry turned up at 7.15am to build the new house extension next door.  They left at 5.30. The noise of the pump parked at the front of the house and the engines of the lorry as well as the concrete lorry churning and the 6 men shouting instructions and frankly sounding like there was a panic every few minutes was exhausting.  No way there was any time to be spent outside until they left..(glad l watered and sowed first thing before they really got going)  I closed the doors and sat inside with upbeat music playing and painted all day (pretty much) ...  to escape.  So this is my landscape escape...I imagined myself up on the hill looking down on the valley to a far horizon with family, friends and a picnic.. a hot summers day (a bit like today)  Perfect.. and a lovely walk home down hill all the way.  
Happy thursday all

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