Some unscheduled 'Spring cleaning'!
MrM accidentally tipped over his full cafetière mug before putting the lid on it, so coffee and coffee grounds cascaded over a kitchen worktop and two spice racks. Cleaning up the coffee was no problem, but removing all the coffee grounds meant thoroughly clean the spice jars, racks, and the worktop under them. Good to sort through the herbs and spices once in a while too - threw out a couple of spices that were 5 years past their use-by dates, and devoid of any fragrance! (Reminded me of my mum, who used spices only once a year for a Christmas cake, Christmas pudding and mince pies. She used the same lot of spices throughout her adult life, no doubt why the Christmas goodies never smelled very Christmassy!)

The rest of the day flew by - another 30mins on the phone to an insurance company, some admin., mandolin practice, exercise on the bike, and FaceTime with Tom and then Lucy...

Lockdown, day 59, Thursday

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