Lost in Thought

By steveng

High Key Windfall (FF22-2020)

Much windier this morning than it has been for quite a while so some of the plants have suffered - these came indoors and made it into a vase on the kitchen window sill.  I had a new (to me) lens arrive this morning too, a 55-200mm zoom for my Canon M5 so this is also a quick trial of it.  I tried a few similar frames with the Pentax MX through its 135mm lens so it should be interesting to compare the results once I have the film processed.

Aside from that - I fixed up a frame on our strawberry bed which should keep the birds out once the netting arrives.  The plant swapping among our neighbours continues apace,  Gill went to ask one of them if they could make use of a couple of spare tomato plants,  they could, but she has returned with more pots than she left with :-)

Thanks to Biker Bear for hosting Flower Friday - and to all of you for visiting my journal.

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