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Lockdown fun

I should have thought of doing it sooner. Mind you, this has to be the foulest day we've had since lockdown started, with gale force gusts destroying blossoms with reckless abandon and rain battering the window - a real day for an engrossing indoor pursuit. 

Actually, I started on this a couple of days ago, when I downloaded a CD Mr PB has had for 30 years and started collecting suitable photos to accompany a sort-of-video for publishing on YouTube. Yesterday, I spent some time relearning the process of creating a video on iMovie - why I can't remember the details of collecting the photos onto the screen and stretching their slots to fit the music beats me. Then there's the title screens (I needed four, for four short pieces) and the merging ... and suddenly it was done. A last check and it's off to YouTube, to appear there some ten minutes later.

It's been a lovely trip into the past, when our son, now 42, had a treble voice and sang with glorious accuracy. We rarely sang together, because our quartet had a soprano before sons were even thought of, but this recording captures that precious time before the voice changes, when it has the clarity and power to soar above the three of us. My only regret - apart from the fact that we didn't record more - is that there wasn't a digital recording. Technology has fairly moved on. If you're interested in how I spent my day, the link is here: https://youtu.be/GPm1RUGhZ78

Other than that, we've recorded two hymns for Sunday (nasty moment when my voice seemed to be threatening recording levels ...) and got soaked going for a masochistic walk in what turned out to be the wettest rain of the day.

It's even slightly sunny now ...

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