By Cigs


Not Jeff Mills. Or Sir John. Or indeed Chancelot. Copyright restrictions apply.

In a day where Ambioran featured on KitchenSpy, it's a shame he wasnt available to feature on Cigs too. Other runners of unfeasibley long distances over unforgiving terrain are available. And cheaper, too. Even before agents fees were factored in.

I recently embarked on an IainfromCreel regime. It involves walking the policies of a morning. A 50km training ride to check on Cigs Sites of Special Scientific Interest on the periphery of East and Midlothian. Breezy it were. 

In other news, there's a new quarry. BehindDoor7 ( available on Instagram). Someone is posting photos of mini door dioramas of Edinburgh. The doors contain examples of weel kent Edinburgh taggers and stickers (Pieute,  Dose Prod)  and are 15cm, positioned around Edinburgh. Obv Cigs has appeared on a couple of these doors. See also Youtz, OE, Milky but strangely no Torch yet. 

Ambioran was unavailable for comment. 

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