Wearing purple...

By 60plus

Jess the cat...

…as in Postman Pat...
When Roy retired he bought, in short order, a new CRV, a little red van to do "Man with Van" little jobs, and a new wheelbarrow... so I thought the bank balance was safe at that point ;) 
When my niece heard about the van, she sent us the knitted cat with no comment - but we worked it out... Van and cat both in the extra.
During Roy's archaeological dig in the garage Jess has once again come to light - not so much a cat on a hot tin roof as one on a ski box up in the roof ;) 
I nearly chose a different music track  because of the weather - my but it has been windy!

And a few more tracks for the Lockdown Playlist:

steveng    Walking By Myself - Gary Moore    Waiting for My Real Life to Begin - Colin Hay

gblrps   We're Not Going on a Summer Holiday

DollyDoug    Sam Fischer - This City

Cathy    Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

Laurie54    I Got a Name - Jim Croce


Corona Classics

DollyDoug    Gershwin: Cuban Overture

60plus    Yuja Wang - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 23

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