Wearing purple...

By 60plus

It's so quiet...

...in the ruins...
We had a little trip to the outskirts of Wakefield to pick up some essential supplies this aft - aka wine from Majestic ;) 
As we were heading that way, I thought a small diversion to the industrial area near the Hepworth would produce a suitable blip for Derelict Sunday - thanks Marlieske! The area has really come up in the world since the Hepworth was built, but there's still a strange mixture of old industries, empty warehouses, and modern units backing on to the gallery.

A few more Lockdown Tracks - as ideas are slowing to a dribble, I thought I'd carry on for the rest of next week and then stop. I gather there are moves to finish the Thursday clapping this week as it is the 10th, so that seems appropriate.

DollyDoug    Staying In - Juliana Hatfield

gblrps    Walking the Dog - Rolling Stones

Corona Classics

DollyDoug   Johann Strauss II - Egyptian March, Op. 335 conducted by Maciej Tomasiewicz

60plus   Vienna New Years Concert 2010, Die Fledermaus Overture, Johann Strauss

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