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By HeidiAndDolly

Lockdown Day 59 - At The Airport

It was another hot day today and I met a friend for a walk, mostly through some National Trust woodland - Maidenhead Thicket. I thought it would be cool, but it was still too hot for me! I’m a frail thing when it comes to heat! My friend has lived in Africa for decades and she was loving it! It WAS a beautiful walk though, and so nice to be able to meet up with one other person. It’s sometimes a bit challenging to keep 2m apart, but we were mostly successful! (See Extra photo for the woodland pictures)

The main road to Maidenhead for me is the A4 and I discovered on the way there that a large section of it was closed for roadworks. I had to go on a large detour and so I was late, and my friend was worried she had misunderstood where we were meeting. But I turned up in the end!

When we said our goodbyes I had to go home on the back roads again. Not only is it a beautiful drive, but it passes this small airfield. The West London Aero Club, otherwise known as White Waltham Airfield, is an historic Airport set up in 1928. During the Second World War between 1940-45 it was home to the Air Transport Auxiliary. In 1952 Prince Philip learned to fly here. In 1982 it went from RAF control to private ownership. There are three runways and is the largest grass airfield in civilian use in Europe. I had one flying lesson here a few years ago! And we even flew over my house!

I watched a couple of planes takeoff and land and enjoyed my little detour on the way home.

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