By Veronica

Some enchanted evening

Another very hot day, spent mostly on the terrace. S bought a dinky little tabletop barbecue in the chino yesterday, only 17 euros and very solidly built. So we had ensalada tropical and kebabs for lunch, followed by tarte au citron again.

In the early evening  we had a rendezvous with J at one of the few open bars on San Cristobal, just across from the Peñon. It has well-spaced out tables on a tree-shaded square; it was fairly quiet when we arrived at 7:30, but by 9 it was pretty busy, with a queue for tables and quite a lot of groups of 4-5 people. 

It was good to see J and compare confinement notes; we left at about 9:30 and strolled up the seafront together as she lives a bit further out of town than we do. You can tell it's the weekend; there is certainly more traffic and people about, probably come down from Granada for the weekend now it's allowed. It's starting to feel almost normal, although it still feels slightly daring to sit at a table with someone not from your household. And as J is French, it felt positively rude and counter-intuitive not to greet each other with a bise.

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