By Veronica

Just chilling

Actually whatever the opposite is. It was another hot day, probably around 28C at its hottest. On S's birthday last year, we went on a long drive to a very fancy restaurant and had an amazing meal. Today we barely left the house and garden. I got up early and walked down to the bakery to get pastries for breakfast in bed. Then I prepared the tarte au citron for later.

At 12 we had another family Zoom. Unfortunately three of the six participants had non-functioning microphones, so we had some rather unsatisfactory improvisation with phones on loudspeaker mode, causing a lot of echoing.

After that we lounged on the terrace and then I finished cooking lunch, which was hardly fancy: steak, chips and peas with béarnaise sauce. Thanks to Slimming World it is many years since I made béarnaise, and it turned out surprisingly well considering I was juggling it with cooking the steaks (S had had to go down to the chino shop and buy a small whisk to ensure success). Pudding was the tarte au citron, also a success unlike the lemon drizzle cake I made for the birthday boy over which we will draw a veil.

A whole bottle of local white wine slipped down very nicely with this, so it was a lazy afternoon and early evening. And now we've finished the bottle of cava too. Cheers!

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