By Veronica

Breaking the rules

You'll need to zoom in to see the lockdown-defying swimmer. I certainly wasn't going to shop him; he was on the completely deserted Cantarrijan beach at 8 pm, with the sea as calm as a mirror. Very tempting to come back with swimming stuff.

It turned out the Barraca is open for lunch now, from 10 till 6. So we could come back just for lunch (no swimming or sitting on the beach). Once we'd looked at the sea we got our walking poles out to do our officially sanctioned exercise by walking up the path up the headland. S wanted to go further than I did, so I said I'd wait at the car and headed back. Just as I got there, a Guardia Civil car cruised slowly past. I was sure they were going to ask me what I was up to, but luckily I must have been looking suitably sporty as I folded up my walking poles and put them in the boot, because they just carried on to the beach. Luckily Mr Nude Swimmer was out of the water and dressed by then.

Oh -- it was our 37th wedding anniversary today! Normally we would have a special meal at a swanky restaurant, but that obviously wasn't happening. Sabina, the restaurant on San Cristobal run by an eponymous Swedish lady who is now Spanish was open though. So we went out for lunch! Incredible. 

The sun was beating down and they aren't allowed to seat people inside, but they have a kind of verandah with sliding glass walls; with most of these open and a breeze blowing through, it qualified as outdoors while being in the shade, and the tables were spaced well apart. We had corvina, a sea-bass like fish, simply fried and served with chips and salad, followed by apple crumble with ice cream (me) and tiramisu (S).

Back home after our evening outing, we had another evening drink on the terrace. 21C at 10 pm ... 

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