Northern Star

By Lifferz


I didn’t feel too joyful when I set off to the supermarket at a very early hour this morning and a heavy lump of metal fell off my car suspension. I had to reverse back to my drive and be thankful it hadn’t happened when I was on the main road. It’s part of a suspension coil thingy. I’ll have to call the garage on Tuesday and hope they are open and can see me before schools reopen. I think it may be costly as the garage don’t do recovery as far as I know.

I decided to walk to the post office/ my nearest food shop which was a 4.5 mile round trip in partial rain. Not too bad as the rain was not too long lived. I managed to carry a couple of bags of shopping back home but had to break my walk home by grabbing onto a bollard (it’s steep and I suddenly realised I was breaking into a canter and couldn’t easily stop!)

Once home I spoke to my folks (lovely), I didn’t tell my Dad I’ve sent him quite a few packets of his fave brand of porridge in the post today as he can’t get hold of it. Mum was excited as she’d had her hair cut (she’s living somewhere where hairdressers can now see clients in their shops but they wear PPE (as do the customers) and I think it’s only one customer in the shop at any one time.

In the afternoon I discovered loads of my Marmande tomato seedlings had been wrecked in the high winds. I rescued as many as I could, repotted and brought them inside.

I finally got round to making my wild garlic pesto. I’d only managed to pick enough to freeze two portions and also then have a jar to keep in the fridge. It’s on my list to plan this much more carefully next year and get some leaves when they are a bit younger. The smell is intense and the colour amazing. Why haven’t I made this before?

I’ve bought a ticket to participate in a kind of comedy/ current affairs discussion tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be on Zoom and there will be just under 300 of us in the audience. It was supposed to be a live gig in a pub but things changed as necessary, I only found out about it very recently do nabbed a ticket. I’m a bit excited about it as I’m a bit of a fan of the two DJs presenting but I’m not 100% sure what to expect.


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