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By TheHazylandBoys

Wash your hands!

It looks like Mille is washing her hands. She is not though :-D

We met with Bodil this morning to do some Nose Work. We met at one of the local schools - they are quiet and empty on Sundays and they have some great spots for interesting searches. 

I arrived 45 mins before Bodil. I put up the Nose Work hides and then I took the boys for a small walk. 

When Bodil came, the hides were ready and we could start our training straight away. 

This is Bodil and Mille in action. Danish school children have to wash hands once an hour and they have to stay outside as much as possible, so there are outdoor washing stations for hand wash everywhere. The hide was placed on under one of the sinks. 

After our Nose Work training, we had cake and coffee and were catching up on life and gossip. 

I went home to get warm (it is a chilly day) and do some Kennel Club work. 

We have now had 3 days with no Corona related deaths in Denmark. Fingers crossed that it continues. 

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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