Silly Saturday ....

.... dodging the rain.

The weather people got the forecast very wrong today as it rained most of the day … sometimes quite heavily.  They were calling for sunshine in the afternoon but that was a bit sparing. 

So I had to time my chipmunk photo shoots around the rain! I had actually placed this little wagon out for the chipmunks but the squirrels also have to get into the photo shoot some how or another!  This wagon is a bit on the small side for the squirrels but perfect for the chippies. 

With the rain we didn't think we would be able to get out for a walk today so we did a little grocery shopping instead.  It still makes me anxious being out in the shops but it's a necessary evil I guess.  

And it cleared up a bit later in the day so we were able to get a walk in after supper at Housenick park.  Thankfully the park wasn't very busy at all.  

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