Didn't arrive....

.....the waxeyes that is.  They were there in abundance this morning had cleaned up the apples, I put out more late afternoon, but it got too dark for them.....them being in extra, but taken yesterday.
Because of the no-show, from the couch I took a photo of the dwarf cabbage tree where they eat the apples.  If you look you will see a wedge of apple up the top and a little to the right. 
One photo taken, and had to be blip as it tells the story :) 

I had a fun zoom with the Blackheath Camera Group at 12.30. Such a friendly happy group.

I'm not putting up our stats anymore, as again today we haven't had any more cases, sitting on 97% recovered, 1 in hospital (not ICU).  Today our PM said we now can congregate in groups up to 100, instead of groups of up to 10.  This will happen on Friday, I think the sporting folk will be very happy to start training again. Mid June before they can take to the field.


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