My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Sundown saunter

Originally I was supposed to be on annual leave today but with plenty to do I decided to work from home instead. It wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped, not down to any procrastinating on my part for once, but the fact I had 5 meetings to attend. Still, I got some work done and at least I was sat by the kettle.

Its quite hard to differentiate the day working from home and even once Louisa had got back with Owen I was 'just finishing this bit off', so I had to pack up to switch off. I'd not even been out of the house all day so we opted to go for a walk after dinner to get some fresh air and try and tire the little man out. Aaron was staying at his Dad's so it was much less of a chore to get out, even if someone did insist they wanted to walk themselves instead of sitting in his trike.

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