... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Seven Islands Pond: Smallest of 37

Smaller and smilier in large.
Woodland goslings
Bean-bag-gy (mixed broods)
37 goslings crossing 
So many goslings...
3 pairs of parents with 27 goslings
Leading the others astray
Most visible ("The massed goslings of Mitcham Common")

This was overwhelming: 3 pairs of Canada geese had assembled their broods into a creche of 27 goslings of various sizes, and they were later joined by the largest goslings making a 37 gosling gang grazing together. I couldn't get them all visible in one shot, but the last extra has 35 of 37 visible (clearer in the original...). I also photographed mallardlings, cootlings, and moorhenlings, and I saw a green woodpecker but didn't get a shot.
So, I'll try to be more restrained for the rest of the week, but that didn't happen today. Oh, there was a calm bunny too...

Others here (or right from Common bunny)

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