Favourite Place

It's been a warm, sunny day.  I had a little walk round the garden after feeding the birds and took some pics of the flowers.  There are a couple of shots of the alliums and love-in-a-mist that can be seen in the extras.

The theme for today's Mono Monday hosted by Carolina is "favorite place", or favourite place as we say on this side of the pond!  Since we're still in lockdown, albeit a little bit relaxed now, it's very difficult to get to some of our favourite places, such as coffee houses, restaurants etc which are still closed.  During the period of self-isolation the garden has, by necessity, become one of my favourite places.  This has been helped by the good weather and the fact we have a nice garden, tended very well by Ann, in which to sit, eat and watch the flowers grow and the birds enjoy themselves.

So although I prefer the flower photos, I've included a B&W of one of the wood pigeons who visit and share our garden.

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