By Freyjad

MM - Favourite Place

I have lots of favourite places, some close to home and some further afield;  one of those places which is close to home is our local nature reserve, and I was there this morning.  I know dogs aren't really the sort of subject you'd normally blip in a nature reserve but these two beauties were absolutely delightful and after being introduced and completely bowled over by them they just had to be my blip today. They are sisters from the same litter aged seven and their names are Dolly and Dotty which I thought suited them perfectly.  I thought their red and white collars made them look extremely smart but these two lovely dogs apart I would have been better staying at home as I've never seen the place so busy, and unfortunately some (a minority) seemed not to understand the concept of social distancing at all.  However I did manage to keep jumping out of their way and I soon left to go back home.

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