Take a Seat

It's been an interesting day.
In the course of tidying and sorting all my photography stuff I have had to face a few things I'd rather be swept under the carpet. I'm almost there with the many pages torn out of past magazines to be read at a later date - most now neatly in a folder (probably still to remain unread...). 

Today I faced another demon - the myriad of leads and cables that have come with various cameras and I really had no idea to what they belonged.  Working on the basis that I hadn't needed them for many years (in some cases) it was probably a superfluous activity but I still went through the process of seeing which belonged to what.  This also involved rediscovering a few old compact cameras from the days when I was just a happy snapper.  So I found the charger leads or batteries - charged them up and thought I'd try to use them.  

I took one to the allotment when we went to do the watering and sought out another shed.  I just love the chair outside and the old roller - what stories could this chair tell?

The camera in this case is a Panasonic TZ30 and bought for my first trip to Australia in 2007 - no viewfinder and a fixed back screen but still very cute and definitely pocket sized.  I am now rediscovering what I can and can't control with it - it's fun. I have another older compact I bought for a school trip to Italy as a parent-helper about 18 years ago - it was the very first digital camera I bought! I'll give that a try tomorrow. 

Blasts from the past!

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