A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Iris bee

A bit overcast earlier today but still warm.

We walked up the village to deliver a friend’s birthday card and have a little chat from the pavement.

We then walked through the pub car park where, though obviously not open, they are apparently carrying out extensive refurbishment work whilst they are closed and then walked up to the St Ives Estate.

Not too busy on the pond but it was there that I realised I’d brought the wrong camera. My G2 was on the kitchen table as I use it for flower shots in the garden with my macro attachment and I just picked it up luckily I’d replaced the standard lens but I had no zoom for the wildlife.

The cygnets were on the water with both parents so we fed them and I took a video of it for Eda.  We took the one way route round the pond and those there were doing the same. There were two pairs of geese on the pond being viciously chased by the male swan so I was a bit concerned for the two sets of goslings seen on Friday, but both pairs of parents were at the  bottom end of the pond with all the young safely tucked under their mums. So I don’t know how many there still are and wonder if they ever manage to get them into the water.

Nearly all the flag iris are out now and look great. The most accessible bay was taken up with two young men who’d set up to fish ( I’m sure I’ve been told before they are not allowed to fish at the end by the feeding station? ) But I managed to get close enough for a reasonable close up of an iris that just happened to have a bee approaching it. Luckily it settled so a wildlife shot even without a zoom!

Met a couple of people we knew to chat to on the way back, so a pleasant morning walk.

Stay safe everyone.

Thought the kindness stone seen on the side of the pond was exceptionally well done  - a border collie - it’s in the extra compilation 

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