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Sweet scented rose

We only have two roses in our garden and this one has just started blooming beautifully.

It smells exactly how you think a rose would smell and is a glorious pink much to the three females‘, with whom I share the home, approval.

The extra is the original photo, the main is edited using Oilist app on iPhone.

In other news...

Work occupied the morning and into early afternoon. A scheduled important meeting for tomorrow was annoyingly cancelled by those who were to benefit most.

The all important decision to not locate the tortoise enclosure where we originally planned, has been taken and the new location, whilst still in the enclosed courtyard garden, should greatly benefit the tortoise.

My previous work for the enclosure, earlier in the shutdown is all in vain, however it is for the best. My back won’t be thanking me as tomorrow I now have to relocate the super solid and fantastically heavy true railway sleepers forming the enclosures boundary.

We cleaned the gecko enclosure and reset the interior which I hope they find appealing. We have a mist system in it to emulate the dampness of their natural rain forest habit.

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