Keith B

By keibr

Out to Dinner, Outside (sort of....)
We visited Ann and Mats for dinner last night but in line with the recommendations we kept our distance and sat in the greenhouse.  There is no heating in the greenhouse, not for the plants and trees anyway, but when people are sitting there the fire can be lit if it starts to cool, as it did once the sun went down.
The pool acts as a temperature buffer, warming up in the day and giving up its warmth to the greenhouse in the cool nights. It is stocked with fish (for fun, not for eating).
It was a really nice evening and HarlingDarling has written a lot about it so I'll link to her blip rather than rewriting it all!
The light nights have now arrived so even when we cycled home, just before midnight, we didn't need our lights.  More of that on tomorrow's blip.

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