Hole Saw

We had a day of errands today - and writing to my MP - not much of which was blippable.  We did manage to buy a new larger water butt at B&Q in Stratford.  Fortunately it was the right height to fit with the existing rain diverter on the downpipe, so it is now in place and we just need it to rain,  the others are all empty so ~400 litres of water has gone onto the plants over the recent dry spell,  along with anything from the tap.  This new one is 200 litres,  I'll put the one it replaced in parallel with one of the others.

My blip is a hole saw,  I used a similar one to make the hole in the new butt for the inlet pipe.  Seven shots focus stacked in Photoshop and cut off the background with Topaz Mask AI ... Photoshop crashed as I was trying to smart sharpen it, but fortunately recovered the work done up to that point.

Thanks to everyone who commented yesterday on my mono pond and my friend getting his PhD,  Dr Ian says I can carry one being as irreverent as I have been for the past 43 years :-)

On a more serious note - my MP is an ex-attorney general - clearly not impressed with recent events around our prime minister's senior advisor - his comments are on his www site here if you want to read a more his response

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