By LadyFindhorn

Before Breakfast

It was a cool grey start when I pushed my bike forth this morning. Nevertheless, it was good cycling weather with just a bit of a breeze from the west but no rising sun to blind me and little traffic on the road.I even got as far as Frogston Road with no traffic lights against me. Braid Hills Road was deserted except for the Tower Farm horses who were so intent on their breakfast that they didn’t look up as I stopped to take their photo.
I pootled home via the highways and byways of south Edinburgh with 19 miles on the clock and enough positive vibes to embark on another baking spree to replace what I gave away yesterday.
I now have enough oatcakes, peanut butter cookies and rocky road to last me for the duration- the bathroom scales have of necessity been removed.

I have to admit to falling asleep in the sun when the cool grey morning gave way to a warm sunny afternoon. Such is life.

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