By PaulShelley

Motorcycle diaries.

Adding a motorbike photo to my Blip diary - Clive here was a very willing model for my picture. I cycled up to the airfield for a cuppa at the double decker bus café thinking that I might get a picture of the maitre d' , aka the bus driver.

Instead a crowd of bikers appeared for their meet up, possible displaced from the bikers tea hut in Epping Forest. Clive was the first and I asked if he was up for a photo. He asked if I wanted him with his jacket on or off so I got a selection. he was then distracted by the arrival of his pals so I caught him just in time.

Meanwhile I had agreed to meet a couple of my cycling mates for a coffee at the bus. I got there before them and sat in the container where there are one or two well separated tables. I leant my bike up against the bus in full view. Did they see me? Of course they didnt. So just as I was leaving there they were round the other side. They hadn't thought of looking where they usually sit , or seen my bike. What can you do, eh?

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