Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

A Bigger Picture.

So, a second night in hospital after an MRI and a lung biopsy, the details are mostly in now.

It is the worst case, the cancer is in my brain as well kidneys and lung. This information has kick started my specialist team to start with their planning today (originally scheduled for 10 days time). So next week I will have an idea of where this is headed. The outcome is inevitable, how I get there is the question. I will get suggestions of what and how and then treatment of some sort must start (by law) within 14 days from today.

In almost meaningless terms, if I do nothing I have a few months. With extreme; luck, care, treatment I could have a few years (5 max).

FYI - I'm up for a fight. Not my last Blip, not by a long shot, just for a day or two for now.

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