Copenhagen and Me.

By RtCph

Little Comfort

My doctor gave me quite the scare this morning. He called to see how things are going and how I was coping with it all. He also wanted to know if I thought I was being kept informed enough, and to be honest, I haven't felt that I have been 100%. So he gave me his evaluation from what he could see the panel have planned. He was basically giving me weeks. He said that they have pain as their priority which he sees as a relief rather that an effort to cure. However, I had to call the planning committee to see if they had a time for me yet. They did, for Thursday but hadn't called me yet because "They haven't finished the plan yet". Pain relief is only the first part (from what I understood). Either way I am not going to panic again until I have heard from the experts.

This is part of a little treat box Mrs Cph ordered from the UK of things I just can't get here.

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