By Veronica

El paseo

Evening stroll on the beach. You may be fed up of bright blue Mediterranean blips, so I thought I'd experiment with high key.

We continued our exploration of the subtleties of the Spanish language in our class this morning, and then went to Cantarrijan for lunch. Officially you can't swim or sit on the beach, only eat on the terrace, so that's what we did. But we noted on our post-prandial stroll that a few people had nipped round to the part of the beach that is hidden from the car park, and were swimming and sitting on the beach. They probably thought the police never check here, though we could have told them otherwise. In any case, there was no harm in it, everyone was very physically distanced.

We didn't get home till nearly five, so there wasn't much left of the day. This evening we went out for a short stroll on the beach, and then home for our apero instead of going to a bar. We will certainly miss this garden when we go home. Mystère will too; he's got quite used to being able to come and sit in the garden near but not with us.

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