Marking Time

By Libra

“Looking Down”

It’s been another hot day, time to laze around in the garden listening and watching to Digital Hay Festival video streaming.
While it lacks the buzz and atmosphere of the real event it is an excellent substitute and offers something quite different.
Take today I spent about an hour watching Jackie Morris do one of her delightful paintings. She is a regular at Hay and I had seen her there demonstrating but because of the tight schedule we all are I never spent more than a few minutes.
Today it was meditative experience watching her paint and talk about her work while at the same time the global village popped questions on the chat line.
As for Dominic Cummings, incredible though it seems, it looks as if he is going to brazen this out and Boris is rock solid in his support of him.
Digital Hay Festival is free. This is the link

Thanks to Bobs Blips for todays challenge- wide angle “looking down” an aerial view of our garden.

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