Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Still six cygnets

Although only room for five in the thumbnail. There's an extra of the family feeding which they spend a fair amount of time doing. The babies must have to eat a lot of weed to grow as fast as they do. I expect that there's a word for the relative size of an offspring compared with its parents, and cygnets are pretty small in those stakes.

I also caught up with the other birdlife and was sad to see that the coot nest was now empty. There was a pair of coots inspecting a possible nesting site at the top tip of the island, so maybe they will have another go. Coots have nested there before. The little grebe was sitting on the nest, although others had seen one young being fed by its parents, so I don't know if all is well there, I will keep an eye on things. I did see a family of two young mallards with adult male and female, so that's probably the same family as I've seen there before. The ducklings are now quite big, so hopefully past the age of being eaten by gulls or the heron which was keeping a steady eye on the pond. 

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