Have had an eventful 24 hours, but suffice to say that the HG was taken to hospital last evening and has this afternoon had a pacemaker fitted.  He is feeling great, and will hopefully be home tomorrow.   Thanks to our wonderful NHS!

While I was waiting for news this afternoon the girls arrived to keep me company, then later on Gary arrived too, so we had a nice socially distant meeting, with me on the deck, the girls further over in the garden, and Gary sitting on the steps.  Such a beautiful day too.

Just been informed by BlipCentral that today I have blipped for nine whole years.  I have never missed a day, a total addict.
Thanks to all who keep Blip running so smoothly, thanks to Four Story for introducing me to it, and thanks to all you virtual friends who time and time again come in to visit and comment, and even sprinkle stars and hearts.  Appreciate every one.

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