If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

This is not a flower!

Yesterday I tried my hand at an arty abstract because I was tired of straight forward flower shots.  Unfortunately I gave the game away and/or the observant noticed it was still a flower.  So today I was determined to do something different.

Wracking my brain, not a long job with my brain, I remembered on one of my recent "ratchings" through the garage I came across this.  My Dad in his early working years, pre and I believe during WW11) was a wheelwright working with his father at a business in Workington.  When I was young there were two large chests full of all sorts of strange tools.  Unfortunately a disastrous fire destroyed them.  A few escaped and this is one of them.  I know what it was for/does and I know what Dad called it but I don't know if that is its correct name.

It was known, to me at least, as a Sweep Sole.  In case it isn't obvious turning the various screws causes the sole to flex either concave or convex.  I will leave you to workout why a Wheelwright may need that.

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