If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

What's on tele?

I will make clear from the start this is not a shot of a TV program, as a result I am not breaking either copyright law or Blip rules.  Neither is it a bird shot!  It is a photography of an old TV which just happens to have birds on it.

A few nights ago I noticed that the trail cam had a bright white spot just where the nest box was.  Thinking about it I realised the night shots are taken by Infra Red so the white must in this case mean heat.  What might give heat in a nest box?  Bodies of course.  We then saw a Great Tit visiting the box.

It happened that when I made that box a few years ago I incorporated a little camera.  So I went and connected everything up and there I found 5 chicks.  They are at the stage where pen feathers are appearing on the wings but much of the body is still naked.  The shot shows both parents in having brought food, a chick gapping for food and one which has been fed.  The gape flanges very noticeable in the chick with the mouth closed, trigger th adults instinct to pop food into the space between, when they are gaping.

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