By Bella888

Sea Breeze

Also known as Fleabane, Erigeron Seabreeze - thanks Google). Such a hardy and pretty flower. I confess to taking a cutting years ago in Bournemouth and planting it in our London garden. It spread quickly, the roots go everywhere, so I reluctantly dug it all up.

We went out this morning, an hour late. Technical issues with my order on the Waitrose App. Has happened previously. Politely handled by theIr Customer Services as always. Referred to their IT team.

Everything looked absolutely stunning, under the blue skies. We are heading for the sunniest spring ever apparently. I suspect it might be the driest May too, we sure need some rain.

I took loads of floral photos. Most are wonderful (by my standards). The Sea Breeze won and is here for you to see in all its glory.

Returned to 3 Amazons. 6x1/2 kilo glass kitchen storage jars shipped from Germany. Arrived smashed. In Fort Knox packaging, a solid large box, enclosed in an even large box. But the jars weren’t individually bubble wrapped. They weren’t cheap, await to hear from dear Amazon.

Separately received my vegan cheese necessaries. A nut milk bag (to filter the grounds from the blitzed nuts blitzed in water), and Probiotic capsules (to ferment the nut mix). May have an attempt tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend. And thanks for the last two day’s hearts and stars xxx

(Miranda. This is growing wild all around the Overcliff road, and zig-zags so hope it qualifies!)

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