Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Foulshaw and the Old Man

The post-sunset view across the Kent estuary from the old railway embankment, climbing though the layered and woody hills to the Old Man of Coniston, with Low and Middle Foulshaw farms in the near distance.  A single lapwing is on the estuary on the right hand side, while another bird, possibly a crow is more distant on the left.  There's always a hope of seeing an osprey fishing from here, but it wasn't to be this evening.

Heading home, there were quite a few people on the sands, and few paying heed to social distancing.  Back in the village a large group of people were sat together on the small area of salt marsh next to the pier. I'm fearing the worst, I hope I'm wrong.

It was a busy day, lots of watering and planting on the allotment, and then back at home taking advantage of the fine weather to carry on with painting the north side of the house.  I'm sorry that my commenting has been so scarce this last week.  I shall try and catch up.

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