By Missycat

Day 68 It's Flower Friday!

Another day of amazing warmth and such clear, deep blue skies.  Are these deep blue skies the result of lowered levels of pollution?  We did notice an increase in the number of planes flying overhead this afternoon though, inevitable as the world returns to some kind of normal.
Today we tackled the sliding glass doors at the end of our dining room which go out onto the garden.  We gave them a thorough clean, frames glass, the lot. Then we applied a safety strip of bees to the door that is most often opened.  Last year, for the first time since they were installed some four years ago, Daughter #2 and then Mr MC ran into that door full pelt, thinking that it was still open.  In Daughter #2's case she was actually concussed and spent a week off work with severe headache and vomiting.   I washed the lace curtains, and rehung them.  Well Mr MC did.  I then decided that I should finally shorten them: when I put them up about three years ago, in rather a hurry, I just tied a knot in the bottom of each to stop them dragging on the floor.  Incredibly lazy I know, but then I was extremely busy and now not so much.
My shot for FF is one of the many roses blooming beautifully in our garden this year.  The background is our shed, painted last year.  I had to include another rose as an extra as this gives me the chance to record the stunning blue of the sky.
In other news: not much really.  Rishi Sunak has announced the extension of the furlough scheme, extending it until October end but with some modifications.  Mr MC learned that his first day back at work will be 9 June  and he has arranged to play socially distanced golf with his brother next Tuesday.

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