Today I disrupted wrecked and ruined ...

a black garden ant colony.

I’d decided that the rosemary growing in this pot was the only thing tall enough to go into the new planter box as a temporary placement while I decided what I wanted to grow.  I hadn’t expected to unearth an ants nest.  The worker ants were rushing around excitedly while the little white grubs (I’m sure they have a name) were dropping out of the tunnels on the side.  In the end I decided that I needed to put the whole thing back into the pot it came out of and maybe do a bit more research on the life cycle of the ants.

I started early on my weekly shopping trip to Penistone and ended up later home than usual - I think I queued for longer at the greengrocers and going into the supermarket.

I’ve just been reading this very well written and moving account by paliative care doctor Rachel Clarke: `Inside the wave’.  I haven’t written much here or on FB about the tragedy that has unfolded in this country and the crassness and incompetence of our government.  Rachel’s account manages to place it all in the context of a very particular human tragedy.

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