The second half of life..

By twigs

Day 67 - Black Fantail

These wee chaps have a very distinctive call which I've been hearing a lot around the garden lately.  When I heard this one late morning I took the camera with me and was surprised to see her flitting around in the bird bath where she stayed long enough for me to rattle off a few images of her.  Disappointed the last one of her taking off isn't sharp but given the speed they move, I'm happy with it.  This one is a black fantail, something only occasionally seen in the North Island and representing about 5% of the fantail population in the South Island.  I feel quite fortunate -  I'm sure they must nest nearby as I've seen black fantails in the garden on numerous occasions.

Last day of autumn today - first day of winter tomorrow yet the sun is still shining and warm (ish) has been a stunning autumn weather-wise......feeling very fortunate.

In COVID news, it's Groundhog Day - exactly the same as's all round.  I'm figuring that we'll (hopefully) achieve the zero/eradicated status that we're hunting around next weekend.  Earlier would be very acceptable though.  Que sera sera.

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