By rainie

Waxing Moon

Our sky is pristine and clear and there will be another frost overnight.

Please look in large - it really is so much better.

I saw blipper kiwianna post her moon blip last night, and noticed she has the same model Sony as I.  I needed to have a crack for myself - here it is hand held and taken around 5.15 - I googled the waxing moon, it is at 62.7%.

What I'm watching on our TV News that is happening throughout the USA, leaves me speechless and shake my head in disbelief.  As if Covid-19 wasn't enough.........

We had visitors this afternoon, gosh that was so good to be able to sit and chat - our life is coming back to some normality.

Then my zoom session with my photography friends followed - architecture was our set topic. I'm loving these challenges and the critiquing that happens. We are continuing even though our lives will become a little more busy as we pick up where we left off before lock down. 


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