By Veronica

Resistance is futile.

S rolled his eyes as we walked past and I jerked to a stop and raised my camera. Just can't help it.

A pretty socially active day. We decided to go for lunch at the chiringuito at the bottom of the road. It was absolutely heaving; even if there had been a table we wouldn't have wanted it. Very clearly lots of people had come down from Granada for the weekend. We walked on to Sabina: all the tables were taken there too. But one of them had been taken by our neighbours only about 10 minutes before, so they invited us to sit with them; we're practically the same household after all. It was good to have a longer chat with them.

We walked home (blip) buying half a litre of ice cream on the way, because the ice cream shop is open now. Later on I had an impromptu Zoom chat with sister N, which ended up lasting for an hour. 

Then I had to go as we were meeting D and R for a drink in town. S met R at the last intercambio before lockdown, and happened to bump into her when he was jogging last week. They had only moved to Almuñecar a couple of weeks before lockdown, so had then had to spend seven weeks locked in a small flat with only a glassed-in balcony for outdoor space. They are clearly relieved to be getting out again. A quick drink ended up lasting three hours; they introduced us to a bar we haven't tried before, which has an amazing list of wines by the glass and very good tapas as well. It's in a large square, so plenty of room for physically distanced tables, all of which were full by the time we left at 11 p.m. It was buzzing like any normal Spanish bar. Latest we've been out since early March, and it was a lovely warm evening.

Unfortunately while we were being dirty stopouts, so was Mystère, who took the opportunity of being out after dark to get into a fight. He crept quietly into the house after us, covered in prickly burrs again, and ... "You've lost another flipping collar!" He'd only had it a fortnight. I managed to comb out most of the burrs before bed, without bloodshed. Writing the next morning, I can report that it's a great way of getting him to sleep all night and not demand to go out at 5:30 a.m.; he was still asleep when I woke at 9 a.m.

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