By Veronica

What a difference a day makes

See yesterday. We didn't go anywhere today. There were a couple of thundery showers, but nothing really serious. In the late afternoon I went outside and saw these rather weird clouds. Hoping someone will be along to tell me what kind they are. Despite the weather it was still clammily warm, and later on a wind got up. All very tropical.

Zoom book group this evening, discussing Barbara Kingsolver's Unsheltered -- which I finished literally five minutes before the meeting with a bit of speed reading. I found it a bit patchy. Some parts brilliant, others less so. I feel she has got a bit too preachy recently, Not that I don't agree with her, but sometimes the ideas take precedence over the story. Our next meeting will be the beginning of July, and we're all looking forward to seeing each other in person. M has been stuck in Poland while we've been stuck in Spain, but she has a flight booked for the beginning of July now.

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