By Veronica

The new normal

Phase 2 officially started today. After our Spanish lesson, we packed a picnic and headed for ... the beach!! Fabulous. After our picnic and a brief digestive pause, I headed for the water, and it was wonderful, as you can see. There was plenty of space for everyone, with a minimum of 10 metres between groups. Swim, read, sleep, another swim, more reading -- we eventually dragged ourselves away at 7 p.m. 

A quick shower and change of clothes and we headed out for our "exercise"/bar crawl. We walked along the sea front to the restaurant recommended by SooB, but it was closed (and we'd had a bad experience there previously). So we walked back to the Peñon, stepped into the Tres Rejas, and promptly encountered S and J, whom we'd bumped into on our first venture to a bar in phase 1. They invited us to join them: "We just popped in for a quick beer and we're on our fourth!". Well, it was a lovely evening; this bar is on the beach and it was delightful sitting in the warm evening light. We dragged ourselves away at about 10:15 while they debated whether to have just one more. Happy to report that Mystère had not got into any fights in our absence and was patiently waiting on the terrace. ¡ Buenas noches !

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