By Veronica

Bird's eye view

From the top of our barrio this evening. Regular viewers will of course spot the Helios. Also featured: the Peñon and its two small siblings running out to sea, and the castle top left.

We didn't do anything fancy today, but were left feeling slightly stressed. We met C for coffee, having not seen her since just before lockdown, and she had a sudden choking fit that caused the bar staff to call over the Guardia Civil, and offer to call a doctor. She was OK, but it was rather alarming. When we got home, Mystère staggered out of the flowerbed to meet us on three legs ... I reckon he was stung by something as one front paw was swollen.

Then we had various infuriating failed interactions with different websites trying to organise delivery of a parcel I've been waiting for since S's birthday nearly two weeks ago. S finally succeeded in speaking to a human, so it will probably be delivered tomorrow, when we are out.

However. We'd stopped at the new fishmonger on the way back from coffee, so S barbecued a sea bass for lunch. Now we've settled down with an evening apero, and the invalid cat has had a sofa-service menu of chicken, ham, and cheddar cheese in alternate mouthfuls. He still can't put his paw down but I'm hoping it will be OK tomorrow.

And given the completely apocalyptic world around us, we still feel very fortunate. The hell of the USA is beyond words.

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